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Thomasville Moultrie Albany Ga Wildlife Control Raccoon Armadillo Skunk Snake Squirrel Removal

Thomasville Moultrie Albany Ga Wildlife Control

Raccoon Control, Raccoon  Removal, Raccoon Trapper

Raccoons are a big part of our wildlife control business. We typically remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, fireplace, basements, eave crawlspaces and just about anywhere a raccoon can get into trouble enough to cause concern to hire a professional raccoon trap experience in raccoon Control and raccoon removal.
Raccoons are intelligent, medium-sized destructive mammals who frequently take up residence in attics, chimneys,sheds, barns, and other homes and buildings. Raccoons are stocky, powerful animals who can become aggressive and cause serious injury if approached. Raccoons also have a high incidence of rabies, and their parasites can vector many serious diseases. Raccoon control usually is accomplished by trapping and then having a professional identify areas needed for animal damage repair and prevention. Raccoons will use separate areas in a attic as toilets and the fecal and urine matter can cause the spread of dangerous diseases such as raccoon roundworm and other diseases.

Squirrel Trapping, Squirrel Removal  and Squirrel Control

We  seem to have our fair share of squirrels in attics here in Southwest Georgia. We trap squirrels in attics, fireplaces, chimneys, crawlspaces, basements, soffits, fascia and eaves of your home  or business. We give you a through squirrel inspection, get control of the squirrel or squirrels and get control of them by repairing any squirrel damage, rodent damage or other wildlife damage and then seal up your home.

Squirrels are small, destructive furry rodents who become a nuisance when they enter attics, soffits, and other areas of buildings. Squirrels are capable of causing damage through their gnawing activities, including creating a fire risk when they gnaw through theinsulation on wires. Squirrels also contaminate buildings with the shed hairs, urine, and droppings, and the parasites they carry can transmit many serious arboviral diseases.

Snake Control, Snake Removal, Snake Trapper

Sure we remove snake , control snakes  and handle snakes found in the wild or in your home, garage or somewhere on your property.  We will remove venomous and non venomous snakes, native Georgia snakes and all non native exotic snakes that may have been released into the wild by a irresponsible snake pet owner. We also will remove  any lizard, snake or even iguanas.

Most snakes are harmless and most snake bites are caused by provocation of a snake in the first place. Snakes typically will leave humans alone if left alone in the first place. If you do have a snake problem in your home or building, we can however help with identification, removal of the snake and further prevention of limiting re-occurance by of visitations of snakes.

Armadillo Control, Armadillo Removal, Armadillo Trapper

We have probably removed more armadillos here in Southwest Georgia  then most of the companies here in the Thomasville, Moultire and Albany Georgia area. We trap armadillos, we remove, armadillos and control armadillos.
Armadillos are a non native species here and can cause lots of damage to both agricultural and residential areas. They often dig for grubs, or insects . They can dig under any poured concrete foundation and cause them to collapse such as airc onditoning, poolls or possibly even a slab foundation of a home. Intermittent damage can be caused by their powerful legs and claws such as uprooting electrical wiring, telephone,alarm or cable systems.

Bat Control, Bat Removal

We know how to get rid of the bats in your attic , bats in your chimney, bats in your fireplace, bats in your basement and bats in the walls and eaves of your home. We have been Thomasville- Moultrie -Albany Georgia bat control and bat removal specialists now going on our 11 th year in the humane bat removal business.

Bats are beneficial mammals because they consume about 1000 insects an hour each during their nightly flights and up to 6000-8000 insects in one evening and basically eat their weight in insects with each nights flights. Bats become a nuisance when they nest in attics, barns, bell towers, soffits, and other parts of buildings. Their guano (droppings) contain disease-causing organisms, their parasites can transmit serious diseases, and the bats themselves have a high incidence of rabies. Bat control is accomplished primarily by exclusion or the use of one way exit doors.

Skunk Control, Skunk Removal, Skunk Trapper

We trap skunks, remove skunks, control skunks and recommend  improvements and repairs  on your own property to not attract skunks in the future.

Skunks (polecats) are medium-sized, primarily nocturnal animals whose diet consists mainly of insects and small rodents. as well as grasses, berries, and other plant products. They also are one of the few animals who eat honeybees. Although passive by nature, skunks will defend themselves with a foul-smelling spray that they can discharge with pinpoint if they feel threatened. This ability is the main reason why skunks are disliked.
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Specializing in the trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife from your property, home, or business.

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